Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Month News

It's been a while and I haven't written anything about my game . Been busy on univ stuffs and it was hard for me to switch focus on something :v.

So, about the game progress of Hitami's and Arubei's... No progress right now since I am really stuck on art part :v.

Also, I have been improving my art skill to resolve it. Finally, the coloring, eyes, method of drawing using touchpad, etc has been improving a lot.
However, the anatomy and posing still slowly improving.

So, here are my arts I made as a result of training when drawing Arubei:

Also, while I was doing art training, I started an even smaller game than Arubei's. The gameplay is done in relative short time, but again, stuck in art problem \ :v /. I made this game especially to really focus on art since the gameplay is relatively simple and already finished including the cg and animation gallery system. Also, some hcg and h-animation:

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Small Updates of "Arubei's Escape" (3rd Feb 2014)

Yeah, I know some of you still at 2nd Feb 2014, but my place is already 3rd Feb 2014 :v.

So, I am really busy now with my univ stuff right now which makes me have less time and less focus on project which made me couldn't fulfill the things I need to finish in January :v. Fortunately I am still able to do some progress on Arubei's Escape.

So, here are some updates of Arubei's Escape

  1. Inventory objects are finished
  2. Puzzle obstacles are finished
  3. Level designs are finished 
  4. Puzzle obstacles can be cleared/destroyed by using certain inventory object 
  5. Changed the game title into "Arubei's Escape" from "Arubei's Escape Adventure"
  6. Changed separated title part into "Ep x: name" from "Stage x"

Gameplay Screenshot: Webs on the way to the key and need a certain inventory to destroy them

I changed the title because the previous title was too long to me. So, the new title of this game will be "Arubei's Escape - Ep 1: Happy Forest". I know the screenshot shows that the title is still the previous one, but I will change it later in the next update.

There is still a bug on the platformer system that makes the player can't jump on the edge of the platform while moving. Even I added something to the script, it fixed it but it added unintended wall jump ability.

Now, it seems I need to focus on art aspect now for the game and I am still lack of skill for it but this is a good opportunity to train it :D.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Progress of Arubei's (20th Jan 2014)

It's been a week, not much progress but here is Arubei's progress:

1. H-animation script implemented 
The h-animation script took longer because trying to restructure for more robust even in more certain cases. Also, enemy will give <3 sign when going with h-attack which makes touching or certain attack will trigger h-animation.

2. Several stages for ingames has been made
I also designed certain pattern so I don't just randomly design level which can turn up ugly. 

3. HCG system implemented
Similar like Hitami's when gameover but will get changed too later again

Sorry, but no alpha demo right now since it is not very significant update xD, I was busy last week preparing fo univ stuffs and this week probably gonna get bussier but I will try to make a significant progress especially designing the things consumes a lot of times than executing the design :D.

Monday, January 13, 2014

"Arubei's Escape Adventure - Stage 1: Happy Forest" Progress + vers 0.3.0 Alpha Demo

This post is continuation of this post:

So, as I said in the previous post before, the progress of project Arubei's is further than project Hitami's and it was done in 2 days. Not only that, this game will have exclusive feature which won't be implemented in project Hitami's like puzzle system, inventory, cloth destruction based on health, etc.

The game also features Lust Bar which is to use techique called Lust Blast. I am planning that this technique will be only one can be used, but has very high radius blast and powerful. I also plan that to recover the Lust meter itself, the player must get raep. But if the player/enemy reaches climax, the player's health will be reduced so escaping before reaching climax is a must (unless you want otherwise...).

Since the game has puzzle element, player will have to get certain item and store it into her inventory which will be used to unlock some locked place or something else. It took less than 12 hours to finish the inventory system... which is irony in the past that I took more than a week creating inventory system in the other game in other programming language (but of course, my programming skill in the past were weaker) :v.

This game will also focus on "Stage 1: Happy Forest", which means this game will have 1 stage so the title of this game will be "Arubei's Escape Adventure - Stage 1: Happy Forest". If I am going to make the Stage 2, the title itself will have Stage 2: <place name?>.

Now, here are the screenshots and progress of this game:

Main character: Arubei

Gameplay 1: Normal-ly

Gameplay 2: Arubei's is only with her underwear since her health hit certain level

I also made the vers 0.3.0 Alpha Demo which you can download here:

- Left/Right Arrow key: Movement
- Up Arrow key: Jump
- Space: Use Lust Blast (uses Lust meter), Select choice
- C key: Show inventory

There are still things I need to finish, but will smaller scope like this, I hope it can be finished before the end of January. These are things I am more focused to finish:
- h-animation script
- some h-animation
- enemy sprite
- few hcg
- player movement animation
- decoration

Start of Side Project "Arubei's Escape Adventure" Series

Since the start of this month I will busy dealing with my real life problems, I am bit worried that project Hitami's will take several months to finish since she has large scope. Not only that, I also still have several problems with my sound/music composing, hcg drawing, spriting, and structuring the code.

To solve it, I started the side project "Arubei's Escape Adventure". This game has combination of hentai, platformer, and puzzle elements. The storyline itself is about a girl a were teleported by a mysterious wizard into a world which the creature inside there will try to breed (using raep) with her.

The project itself has greatly smaller scope than Hitami's. The numbers of enemies, hcg-scene, h-animation, etc will be smaller than Hitami's. The stage itself will have only 1 stage (but multiple rooms). However, the story of the game won't end in 1 stage so there will be like stage 2 in the second game and stage 3 in the third game and the enemies, h-animation, hcg, etc will be often different.

I also can this project improve several aspect of my skill which is still weak. Also, I can reuse several resources and codes which I have created and can be used for Hitami's which will help shortening the development time. This project also reuses some resource which is from my previous non-h game.

Now, the progress of this game is farther than project Hitami's itself. It's been two days since I started this project but it is already further than project's Hitami's. Hope I can finish this game before the end of January. I will post the progress in the next post.

And as starter, let me introducte Arubei, a red-haired girl which will be the main character of this game. Say hi to her! :D

So, the conclusion:
- I started the project "Arubei's Escape Adventure" because I will be more busy (which can cause me to have less time for the project) started with this month in real life
- The project Arubei's has greatly smaller scope than project Hitami's
- Some of the resource and codes created in project Arubei's will be reused again project Hitami's
- This project is to help me solve some my weakness in some aspect: spriting, drawing, sound/music composing, making robust code
- The main character's name is Arubei

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Update on "Hitami's Escape From Cursed Book"

I haven't updated the "Hitami's Escape From Cursed Book" (I will short it to HEFCB to for future reference) lately. It was because I was doing my two non-h games for 1GAM challenge. I finally finished them all before 11th January. I now have time left before 1GAM month February.

The good side that I can test the script that I use in HEFCB especially the platform system .I found several bugs in that system which hadn't found yet in HEFCB and I finally solved the bug. Not only that, it gives experience on using GMStudio since after I tried it for first time, some features are really different than classic GM like how to put file icon, using audio engine, placing items, debugging, etc. Finally, it is also improved my pixel art skill a bit and other aspect.

Now, there is no new alpha demo yet, but here's a new revision of Hitami's hair. I added a purple hair clip, which has the same color with her outfit, on both sides of her hair. I am planning to improve my cg art skill too despite that I am still using touchpad to draw it because I feel something is still missing.

One last thing which I forgot to say but better late and never... Happy New Year of 2014!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"Hitami's Escape From Cursed Book" Progress (including demo at bottom)

It's been more than a week since I am doing my "Hitami's Escape From Cursed Book" game. So, here are my progress of my game.

These are things I have done for the game:
- Implemented the platformer system
- Designed the character (including the revision)
- Implemented stripping system
- Designed how the Level Selection would be
- Decided what programming model I will use
- And others I forgot

And some pics and screenshots:
Character Design (which is revised from the original)

Title screen (Mock up)
Game Over screen (Mock up)

Level selection

Gameplay (notice that her shoes are thrown away which is the stripping feature has been implemented)
And a h-animation sample

I have also made a ver. 0.1 alpha demo which you can try and download here:

- Left/ Right Arrow key: Movement
- Up Arrow key : Jump, Go into portal
- Space key : Select, Escape from h-animation (temporary)

There are still things I need to do like monster design, health system, spriting, etc, but mostly the monster design is the main priority since I need to decide whether to use usual monster or special monster since the setting is inside the book world.