Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Month News

It's been a while and I haven't written anything about my game . Been busy on univ stuffs and it was hard for me to switch focus on something :v.

So, about the game progress of Hitami's and Arubei's... No progress right now since I am really stuck on art part :v.

Also, I have been improving my art skill to resolve it. Finally, the coloring, eyes, method of drawing using touchpad, etc has been improving a lot.
However, the anatomy and posing still slowly improving.

So, here are my arts I made as a result of training when drawing Arubei:

Also, while I was doing art training, I started an even smaller game than Arubei's. The gameplay is done in relative short time, but again, stuck in art problem \ :v /. I made this game especially to really focus on art since the gameplay is relatively simple and already finished including the cg and animation gallery system. Also, some hcg and h-animation:

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