Sunday, February 2, 2014

Small Updates of "Arubei's Escape" (3rd Feb 2014)

Yeah, I know some of you still at 2nd Feb 2014, but my place is already 3rd Feb 2014 :v.

So, I am really busy now with my univ stuff right now which makes me have less time and less focus on project which made me couldn't fulfill the things I need to finish in January :v. Fortunately I am still able to do some progress on Arubei's Escape.

So, here are some updates of Arubei's Escape

  1. Inventory objects are finished
  2. Puzzle obstacles are finished
  3. Level designs are finished 
  4. Puzzle obstacles can be cleared/destroyed by using certain inventory object 
  5. Changed the game title into "Arubei's Escape" from "Arubei's Escape Adventure"
  6. Changed separated title part into "Ep x: name" from "Stage x"

Gameplay Screenshot: Webs on the way to the key and need a certain inventory to destroy them

I changed the title because the previous title was too long to me. So, the new title of this game will be "Arubei's Escape - Ep 1: Happy Forest". I know the screenshot shows that the title is still the previous one, but I will change it later in the next update.

There is still a bug on the platformer system that makes the player can't jump on the edge of the platform while moving. Even I added something to the script, it fixed it but it added unintended wall jump ability.

Now, it seems I need to focus on art aspect now for the game and I am still lack of skill for it but this is a good opportunity to train it :D.

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