Saturday, January 11, 2014

Update on "Hitami's Escape From Cursed Book"

I haven't updated the "Hitami's Escape From Cursed Book" (I will short it to HEFCB to for future reference) lately. It was because I was doing my two non-h games for 1GAM challenge. I finally finished them all before 11th January. I now have time left before 1GAM month February.

The good side that I can test the script that I use in HEFCB especially the platform system .I found several bugs in that system which hadn't found yet in HEFCB and I finally solved the bug. Not only that, it gives experience on using GMStudio since after I tried it for first time, some features are really different than classic GM like how to put file icon, using audio engine, placing items, debugging, etc. Finally, it is also improved my pixel art skill a bit and other aspect.

Now, there is no new alpha demo yet, but here's a new revision of Hitami's hair. I added a purple hair clip, which has the same color with her outfit, on both sides of her hair. I am planning to improve my cg art skill too despite that I am still using touchpad to draw it because I feel something is still missing.

One last thing which I forgot to say but better late and never... Happy New Year of 2014!

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