Monday, January 13, 2014

Start of Side Project "Arubei's Escape Adventure" Series

Since the start of this month I will busy dealing with my real life problems, I am bit worried that project Hitami's will take several months to finish since she has large scope. Not only that, I also still have several problems with my sound/music composing, hcg drawing, spriting, and structuring the code.

To solve it, I started the side project "Arubei's Escape Adventure". This game has combination of hentai, platformer, and puzzle elements. The storyline itself is about a girl a were teleported by a mysterious wizard into a world which the creature inside there will try to breed (using raep) with her.

The project itself has greatly smaller scope than Hitami's. The numbers of enemies, hcg-scene, h-animation, etc will be smaller than Hitami's. The stage itself will have only 1 stage (but multiple rooms). However, the story of the game won't end in 1 stage so there will be like stage 2 in the second game and stage 3 in the third game and the enemies, h-animation, hcg, etc will be often different.

I also can this project improve several aspect of my skill which is still weak. Also, I can reuse several resources and codes which I have created and can be used for Hitami's which will help shortening the development time. This project also reuses some resource which is from my previous non-h game.

Now, the progress of this game is farther than project Hitami's itself. It's been two days since I started this project but it is already further than project's Hitami's. Hope I can finish this game before the end of January. I will post the progress in the next post.

And as starter, let me introducte Arubei, a red-haired girl which will be the main character of this game. Say hi to her! :D

So, the conclusion:
- I started the project "Arubei's Escape Adventure" because I will be more busy (which can cause me to have less time for the project) started with this month in real life
- The project Arubei's has greatly smaller scope than project Hitami's
- Some of the resource and codes created in project Arubei's will be reused again project Hitami's
- This project is to help me solve some my weakness in some aspect: spriting, drawing, sound/music composing, making robust code
- The main character's name is Arubei

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