Monday, January 13, 2014

"Arubei's Escape Adventure - Stage 1: Happy Forest" Progress + vers 0.3.0 Alpha Demo

This post is continuation of this post:

So, as I said in the previous post before, the progress of project Arubei's is further than project Hitami's and it was done in 2 days. Not only that, this game will have exclusive feature which won't be implemented in project Hitami's like puzzle system, inventory, cloth destruction based on health, etc.

The game also features Lust Bar which is to use techique called Lust Blast. I am planning that this technique will be only one can be used, but has very high radius blast and powerful. I also plan that to recover the Lust meter itself, the player must get raep. But if the player/enemy reaches climax, the player's health will be reduced so escaping before reaching climax is a must (unless you want otherwise...).

Since the game has puzzle element, player will have to get certain item and store it into her inventory which will be used to unlock some locked place or something else. It took less than 12 hours to finish the inventory system... which is irony in the past that I took more than a week creating inventory system in the other game in other programming language (but of course, my programming skill in the past were weaker) :v.

This game will also focus on "Stage 1: Happy Forest", which means this game will have 1 stage so the title of this game will be "Arubei's Escape Adventure - Stage 1: Happy Forest". If I am going to make the Stage 2, the title itself will have Stage 2: <place name?>.

Now, here are the screenshots and progress of this game:

Main character: Arubei

Gameplay 1: Normal-ly

Gameplay 2: Arubei's is only with her underwear since her health hit certain level

I also made the vers 0.3.0 Alpha Demo which you can download here:

- Left/Right Arrow key: Movement
- Up Arrow key: Jump
- Space: Use Lust Blast (uses Lust meter), Select choice
- C key: Show inventory

There are still things I need to finish, but will smaller scope like this, I hope it can be finished before the end of January. These are things I am more focused to finish:
- h-animation script
- some h-animation
- enemy sprite
- few hcg
- player movement animation
- decoration

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