Sunday, January 19, 2014

Progress of Arubei's (20th Jan 2014)

It's been a week, not much progress but here is Arubei's progress:

1. H-animation script implemented 
The h-animation script took longer because trying to restructure for more robust even in more certain cases. Also, enemy will give <3 sign when going with h-attack which makes touching or certain attack will trigger h-animation.

2. Several stages for ingames has been made
I also designed certain pattern so I don't just randomly design level which can turn up ugly. 

3. HCG system implemented
Similar like Hitami's when gameover but will get changed too later again

Sorry, but no alpha demo right now since it is not very significant update xD, I was busy last week preparing fo univ stuffs and this week probably gonna get bussier but I will try to make a significant progress especially designing the things consumes a lot of times than executing the design :D.

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