Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"Hitami's Escape From Cursed Book" Progress (including demo at bottom)

It's been more than a week since I am doing my "Hitami's Escape From Cursed Book" game. So, here are my progress of my game.

These are things I have done for the game:
- Implemented the platformer system
- Designed the character (including the revision)
- Implemented stripping system
- Designed how the Level Selection would be
- Decided what programming model I will use
- And others I forgot

And some pics and screenshots:
Character Design (which is revised from the original)

Title screen (Mock up)
Game Over screen (Mock up)

Level selection

Gameplay (notice that her shoes are thrown away which is the stripping feature has been implemented)
And a h-animation sample

I have also made a ver. 0.1 alpha demo which you can try and download here:

- Left/ Right Arrow key: Movement
- Up Arrow key : Jump, Go into portal
- Space key : Select, Escape from h-animation (temporary)

There are still things I need to do like monster design, health system, spriting, etc, but mostly the monster design is the main priority since I need to decide whether to use usual monster or special monster since the setting is inside the book world.

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